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Bob Wilders

by bob wilders

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BALLAD OF THE TOWNSEND CROMWELL (Robert A. Wilders) A ship is sailin’ on the water. It’s as white as white can be. From Seattle to Honolulu It sails most any sea. And the captain is a Navy man. His officers they are too. The rest are all civil servants. And there you have the crew. (CHORUS) And Daddy’s sailin’ on his ship. To where the Lord only can tell. When he gets back we’ll come on board. The good ship Townsend Cromwell. She docks down at the basin. And the men tie up the lines. The custom men inspect the cargo. Don’t want to have to pay no fines. And the crazy Filipino Is stoned on grass again. Looks like they’ll have to fire him. It’s a shame and it’s a sin. (repeat chorus) They’ll put into Tahiti With all it’s Tahitian girls. They’ll arm wrestle the Tahitian boxers. No one puts on any frills. On to Kwajellan and Guam On to Pitcarin too. They won’t be back for five long months. Before their trip is through. (repeat chorus)
LIVIN’ IN THE PAST (Robert A. Wilders) (CHORUS) Livin’ in the past. Livin’ in the past. Things they change they always change. You know they never last. Livin’ in the past. Livin’ in the past. Things they change they always change. You know they never last. Well it’s a ten year anniversary. We’ve come a long, long way. Through hopelessness and misery. From darkness into day. We’ve gone from simple people. To hardened country men. What’s done is done is done my friend. You can’t go back again. But you’re...(repeat chorus) No sense thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow. If you can’t live for today. If all you do is look back in sorrow. And nostalgically waste away. Yeah the times they are a-changin’. As the ancient poet said. If long gone glories is all there is. Well you might as well be dead. Instead of...(repeat chorus) Now it’s a thirty year anniversary And you’re still doing the same ol’ thing. Trying to recapture the old memories And all the good vibes it brings. But it’s really kind of sorry. Yes, it’s really sad to see. Now it’s just one big staged event Broadcast on MTV.
Crazy Blues 04:15
CRAZY BLUES (Robert A. Wilders) Sometimes I get so crazy. So crazy I just can’t see. Sometime I get so crazy. So crazy I just can’t see. Got all kinds of pretty women Walkin’ ‘round in front of me. I ain’t never learned to play flute But I gotta gun that goes toot. I ain’t never learned to play flute But I gotta gun that goes toot. Now my ammunition is depleted And my dynamites been blown to boot. Well baby I’m crazy Crazy as can be. Baby I’m crazy Crazy as a man can be. I need a woman so bad But you keep on teasing me. Baby you’re enough Enough to drive a man insane. Baby you’re enough Enough to drive a poor man like me insane. If you weren’t so beautiful I’d think you were vain.
BABY WON’T YOU DANCE WITH ME (Robert A. Wilders) I was a-walkin’ through the park last night. I held your hand and I squeezed it tight. I said, “Oh, baby won’t you dance with me.” We took a ride on the merry-go-round. Then we went and sat down on the ground. I said, “Oh, baby won’t you dance with me.” We stopped and bought some cotton candy. I was feelin’ like a hundred dollar dandy. An’ I said, “Oh, baby won’t you dance with me.” Stopped by the bandstand we listened to them play. I turned to you and then I say. “Oh, baby, won’t you dance with me.” Strolled by the river watched the boats sail by. You leaned against me and I heard you sigh. You sighed and you said, “Oh, baby won’t you dance with me.” So we danced.... I was a-walkin’ through the park last night. I held your hand and I squeezed it tight. I said, “Oh, baby won’t you dance with me.”
THE LATE BOBBY DARIN BLUES (Robert A. Wilders) (CHORUS) Well you can be whoever it is you wanna be. You can see whoever it is you wanna see. Don’t sing no songs if you can’t pay your dues. Just go on singing those Bobby Darin blues. Now Bobby was a singer And he sang all over the land. He traveled ‘round in a bus. For all those one night stands. He wrote a song that I could sympathize with. When he performed well he performed he always gave his best. (repeat chorus) Now Bobby could bare his soul Like only few of us can. And for awhile, just awhile. He wouldn’t conform to the man. He even dropped out for awhile no one could understand. But he came back cause he had the itch to perform with a band. (repeat chorus) Now Bobby was an actor. And he was pretty good. Why he never won an Oscar. I’ve never understood. It couldn’t have been cause he had Gidget for a wife. It didn’t matter cause music, yeah music was his life. (repeat chorus) Now Bobby’s not with us. He’s gone to entertain in the sky. With a lot of other folks. That we all could identify...with. And I can’t help thinking ‘bout the way he went down. Singing his song, getting along, goin’ from town to town. (repeat chorus)
LAYIN’ IN THE WATER (Robert A. Wilders) (CHORUS) Layin’ in the water watchin’ the water run. Layin’ in the water ain’t we havin’ fun. Layin’ in the water watchin’ the water run. Layin’ in the water we don’t need any sun. I love to get naked on those hot summer days. When the wind isn’t blowin’ in its air conditioning ways. Lay inside my bathtub with the water flowin’ down. Listen to the trickling trickling water sound. (repeat chorus) A pool of water is so soothing to the soul. Opens up the pores opens all the little holes. The only thing that’s better and believe me it’s only few. The only thing better is being here with you. (repeat chorus) We may get wrinkled, puckered up too. You wrinkle up to me and I’ll pucker up to you. We’ll splash and play blow bubbles in the air. We’ll make sweet sweet love while we’re swimming there. (repeat chorus)
CARLOS AND ELAYNE (Robert A. Wilders) Like a roller coaster. Like a giant seesaw. Like a match suddenly stricken. Or a scab scratched raw. An emotional up and down. A pendulum on the swing. A sudden burst of anger. Hear the punching ring. He’s such a happy guy. A pleasure to be around. And she’s very funny. With her feet firmly on the ground. And he seems to love her. After all he gave her his last name. And she speaks fondly of their courtship even though it’s no longer the same. (CHORUS) So tell me are your tears lost in the rain? Are all of your happy years just trickling down the drain? Can you feel the pain? Of Carlos and Elayne. Who knows what set him off. Was it something someone said? Where did the anger come from? What put it in his head? Was it something that she did? Most doubtedly not. Nobody deserves the abuse or the beating she got. They say he’s just a Greenhorn.But that’s neither here nor there. She was his sparkling bride. They made such a lovely pair. But now he has his mood swings and his brain is a mixed up stew. And she’s traded in her mascara for eyes of black and blue. (repeat chorus) Well the cops came by last night and they took him away. And she swore out a court order and has gone home to stay. But she’ll probably forget it and go back to her man. Even though in the end she’ll meet up again with the back of his hand. (repeat chorus)
Crapshooters 02:38
CRAPSHOOTERS (Robert A. Wilders) Somebody loses whenever somebody wins. Somebody wins whenever somebody loses. What’s more, nobody wins when everyone’s lost. Losing ain’t nothing but nothing’s a lot. (CHORUS) Crapshooters shooting their shots. Crapshooters the have and have nots. Pick you a number and hope you don’t lose. Crapshooting gives you the blues. Whenever you play the rolling dice game. The game will roll you whenever you play. Don’t spend all your money trying to get rich. You gotta go home to your wife and your wife’s such a bitch. (repeat chorus) When I was a youth I played the high ball. I never noticed the writing on the wall. Shot me some crap and I lost it all. For a nickel and dime I’d forsake it all. (repeat chorus)
It's A Hop 02:55
IT’S A HOP (Robert A. Wilders) Well it don’t matter baby. If I’m not at home. Wherever you is. You is not alone. (CHORUS) It’s a hop. It’s a hop. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump till I’m all over you. Well I’m your muleskinner daddy. And I’ll skin your mule. If your love needs a fixin’ Let me use my tool. (chorus) No need to cast a spell. Got your black cat bone. Slide on over here honey. I’ll disconnect the phone. (chorus) The faster you go The higher you get. You may think it’s over. But I’m not finished yet. (chorus) Down by the river I threw in a rock. Made such a splash. Gave us both a shock. (chorus) Well my song is done. But you know it’s all true. Just one last thing You know I’d like to do. (chorus)
HEY MAMA, GIVE ME BACK MY ROCK AND ROLL SHOES (Robert A. Wilders) Up jumped Johnny He said he had the blues. Down fell the kingdom. We started looking for clues. Goodbye to Maybelline. What happened to Peggy Sue? Packed up my guitar. Gave up choppin’ wood too. (CHORUS) Hey-ey Mama Give me back my rock and roll shoes. Hey-ey Mama Give me back my rock and roll shoes. Last time I saw her Run-around was now settled down Sue And the clock that we rocked around Had turned into a grandfather coo-koo. We shouted and twisted it. Till we bled it completely dry. One thing you can be sure of Rock and roll won’t never die. (repeat chorus) Now they study it in college. They try to analyze the words. Looking for hidden meanings. I’ve never heard of anything so absurd. It used to be so much fun. Just to play and dance and sing. To rock and roll was nothing... That's why rock and roll was everything. (repeat chorus)
GOODBYE MISSISSIPPI (Robert A. Wilders) Goodbye Mississippi, goodbye Louise. Goodbye Mississippi, tell me please. Goodbye. Goodbye. The people have killed you, you don’t even know why. Goodbye Santa Clause, goodbye Marie. Goodbye Santa Clause, it’s sad to see. Goodbye. Goodbye. The people have wronged you, don’t even know why. I went down the Mississippi. I went down the Mississippi. Goodbye. Goodbye. On a steamboat called the Delta Queen. Goodbye Delta gambler, goodbye Joe. Goodbye Delta gambler, took all my dough. Goodbye. Goodbye. Gotta get off at the next stop, can’t afford to ride no mo’. Goodbye Delta singer, sing the blues so fine. She’s a hell of a lover, kisses taste like wine. Goodbye. Goodbye. No, I can’t forget her, think about her all the time. Drift on mighty Mississippi. Drift on mighty Mississippi. Drift on. Drift on. You gotta drift on, when you don’t got no home. So goodbye Mississippi, hello New Orleans. Goodbye Mississippi, hello New Orleans. Goodbye. Hello. Ain’t nothin’ I own, but these ol’ blue jeans.
BLOW, CANADIAN, BLOW (Robert A. Wilders) (CHORUS) Blow, Canadian, blow. Your winds are heavy. Your chains set free. Blow, Canadian, blow. It was in British Columbia many years ago. That I met the woman who’d upset me so. She was cute and so pretty she moved like a deer. I never thought there’d be reason to fear. Yeah she hooked me. She caught me. She reeled me right in. As she left me there stranded I heard her sing. (chorus) It was at Fort Langley on the Fraser River. Where the cold cuts so deep your bones always shiver. We walked side by side so much in love. But in the morning she was gone like the last lonely dove. She spread her wings open wide. And gently took flight. Leaving nothing to hide. Singing into the night. (chorus) I searched from the Pacific Ocean to Baffin Bay From the Arctic Ocean to the USA At all the places we’d haunted I looked around. And all the old friends I asked said she was no where to be found. She was gone like the wind. Like a ghost in the day. I know I’ll never find her. So all I can say....is (chorus)
TEARS FALL DOWN (Robert Alan Wilders) Last night I had a thought. I had more than I ever sought. I had the wealth of only a few. What I did not have was you. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. I was standing in a field of wheat. Still I was starving I had nothin' to eat. There was nothin' I could do. I had nowhere to go 'cause I didn't have you. And tears fall down. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. Then I awoke, I looked around. All my troubles fell to the ground. And though you are gone, I felt such joy. When I looked into the eyes of our little baby boy. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. Tears fall down. Fall on down.
THE LAST WORD (Robert A. Wilders) Well it doesn’t make any sense. All the things I have heard. It’s a rotten crying shame. This is THE LAST WORD. On a dark and wintry night The wind blew soft and calm. The statues were all crumbling. There was dust on the lawn. Well nothing seems to matter. Nothing seems the same. All the clash and the clatter. Disappearing down the drain. The old boy borrowed a nickel. To buy some bubblegum. He put the coin in the slot. And everything came all undone. There are weeds out in the garden And there's a mist in the sky. And all that I can do is Hang my head and wonder why. 'Cause it doesn’t make any sense. All these things I have heard. It’s a rotten crying shame. This is THE LAST WORD.


Bob's first album.


released January 1, 2002

Linda Rothchild-Tepper back-up vocals
Suzie Mercier back-up vocal on Layin' In The Water
Duncan Stitt keyboard
Gillian DeLear drums/percussion and cello synth on Carlos
and Elayne

Mastered by Jim Brady (JIM BRADY STUDIOS)
Jeff Garton photography


all rights reserved



bob wilders Tucson, Arizona

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